Prostate Relief For Men

Commentary on Prostate Relief

All men have a prostate but not all have prostate problems. Those that do, often suffer from which frequent urination, weak stream, painful urgency, pressure in the perineum between the scrotum and anus, sexual dysfunction and many more terrible symptoms.

Why do some men have these conditions and others do not? There are some very obvious commonalities that medicine has overlooked.

  • Sitting 8 or more hours per day
  • Colon issues including constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, colitis and even just irregularity
  • Inflammation in the bladder, prostate and colon area
  • Lack of certain minerals and vitamins from the diet or supplementation
  • The connection between the prostate, bladder and the colon

In mature men, the colon is often enlarged and inflamed. This is the result of bad dietary habits, lack of exercise and sitting large amounts of time each day. The colon then begins to touch or lean against the prostate and bladder.

The prostate responds to the inflammation and the contact with the colon in addition to the fact that it is enlarging with age anyway. It then may begin to push into the bladder.

The bladder is already receiving heat from the colon and the prostate as they are inflamed, but now as the prostate enlarges, it too pushes against the bladder and may cause pools of urine that cannot be expelled or just raise the inflammation level of the bladder.

…and so forth and so forth. The cycle continues and the prostate develops the most troubling symptoms.

Beta-Sitosterol works wonders to help increase the urine stream and reduce discomfort from urgency, but it fails to address all the issues that cause prostate pain and discomfort. To treat all the conditions that contribute to prostate problems you must address:

  • Colon function
  • Irregular bowel movements, and incomplete emptying of the colon
  • Inflammation
  • Bladder function
  • Prostate function, enlargement and urine flow
  • General body health including vitamin and mineral intake

One of the commonalities among those that do not have prostate problems is regular elimination. Men who have a regular (or two) bowel movements per day and do not suffer from hemorrhoids often do not have prostate problems either.

Those who do not sit at a desk or drive vehicles for 8 or more hours a day are also less likely to have prostate issues. Being overweight, bad eating habits, smoking and what we drink, also play a part.

Prostate Relief is designed to help with this trio of issues:

  • Colon function and health
  • Prostate enlargement and function
  • Inflamation